Organizational Meeting

Electronic Meeting
Trustee Members
  • Michelle Aarts,
  • Alexander Brown,
  • Rachel Chernos Lin,
  • Stephanie Donaldson,
  • Trixie Doyle,
  • Harpreet Gill,
  • Parthi Kandavel,
  • Shelley Laskin,
  • James Li,
  • Alexandra Lulka,
  • Dan MacLean,
  • Christopher Mammoliti,
  • Chris Moise,
  • Patrick Nunziata,
  • Zakir Patel,
  • Robin Pilkey,
  • Yalini Rajakulasingam,
  • David Smith,
  • Anu Sriskandarajah,
  • Jennifer Story,
  • Chris Tonks,
  • and Manna Wong

Note:  Please ensure all electronic devices are on silent mode.

  1. Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee
  2. Governance and Policy Committee
  3. Program and School Services Committee

Note: Each member of the Board, except the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board, will be appointed to one standing Committee [Bylaw 4.4.3]. Therefore, two standing committees shall have seven members and one shall have six members. (The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board are ex-officio members.)

Meetings of the standing committees will be convened during a recess to elect their chairs and vice-chairs. The organizational meeting will reconvene following the recess and the Board will be advised of the standing committees’ appointments.

  1. Alternative Schools Community Advisory Committee
  2. Black Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee
  3. Community Use of Schools Community Advisory Committee
  4. Early Years Community Advisory Committee
  5. Environmental Sustainability Community Advisory Committee
  6. Equity Policy Community Advisory Committee
  7. French-as-a-Second-Language Community Advisory Committee
  8. Inner City Community Advisory Committee
  9. LGBTQ2S Community Advisory Committee
  10. Urban Indigenous Community Advisory Committee
  1. Board Self-Assessment Committee
  2. Director’s Performance Appraisal Committee
  3. Negotiations Steering Committee




























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